Qualitycheck Proficiency Testing schemes management


After completing the stage of registration, you will be given a username and password to access the Customer Area.
Through the Customer Area, you can download the Guidelines of proficiency testing and the Final Report in which we will publish your results.
The Customer Area allows you to view the information of the state of the proficiency testing and enter the area dedicated for submitting online the results of your analytical testing.

Shipment of the proficiency test items

Shipping is a very important phase in the management of proficiency testing, and we take care of the proficiency test items, starting from the departure from Qualitycheck office until the arrival to your laboratory.
Delivery is always Monday, by express courier service, with delivery guaranteed within 24/48h in Europe from the date of shipment.
A week before the scheduled date for shipment of test materials, you will receive an e-mail to alert and remind you of the impending shipment. In addition, after dispatch, you will receive a new e-mail in which you will be notified of the expected date of receipt of the test samples.

The proficiency test items are shipped in appropriate packaging and in a suitable condition to protect their integrity during transport.
Each pack contains, in addition to the testing standards, the guidelines of the evaluation test and the form "Confirmation of receipt of the test samples." This form and guidelines are also available for download in the Customers Area.
Upon receipt of the test samples, we ask you to immediately verify the contents and condition of the packages and to confirm the date and conditions of receipt.
Please send this information, even in the absence of problems, Email or fax, using the form "Confirmation of receipt of the test samples."
Furthermore, if the packages are damaged, we ask you to immediately contact customer support. In this case, Qualitycheck will proceed to reship the test samples, in the shortest possible time, at no additional cost.


Analysis of the proficiency test items

In the guidelines, the instructions on the handling of the test samples and their preservation are specified, as well as the time you have available to perform the analysis, the deadline for sending results, and how to send the same throughout the Customer Area.

From the date of dispatch of the proficiency test items, you will have about a month to make the determination of measurements that you have chosen for the proficiency testing scheme in which you have registered.

The deadline for sending results is shown in the guidelines of the proficiency testing schemes.

For each analyte, you will be required to send the results of a replica. The units and significant figures to be included will be specified on the guideline of the proficiency testing scheme.

It’s possible to provide up to five independent results for each analyte, allowing laboratories to evaluate the performance of multiple test methods, more operators, instruments, etc.

A week before the deadline to submit the results, you will receive an E-mail alert.

Sending Results

The results of your analysis should be sent, using the special "Inserting results" section of the Customer Area of our website.

The inclusion of results is based on a simple and quick system.

In the same section, there are detailed instructions for entering results.

Once inserted, the results can be modified until the deadline to submit results.

The results received after the deadline prescribed may not be included in the Final Report, which will be made available to all those who have registered to the proficiency testing scheme, regardless of whether they have or have not reported its own results.

Collusion and falsification of results

To avoid collusion and falsification of results, the values assigned to each measuring of the proficiency tests are only published in the Final Report and, therefore, are not known until after the conclusion of the test and evaluation of transmission by all participants of the results.

We do not accept any results after the publication of the values assigned.


Publication of the Final Report

The Final Report of the proficiency testing schemes is published in English and is made available in the Customer Area of our website within 10 working days after the closing date convenient for sending test results.

An email will alert you as soon as this report will be published in the Customer Area of our website.

Any errors found in the Final Report will be submitted to Qualitycheck within 30 days from the date of publication of the report.

In the case of proven errors, Qualitycheck will publish, as soon as possible, a review of the report and communicate to all participants via e-mail the issuance of the new revision of the valid report.

Any Complaints or Appeals (ref. p. 5.8 ISO/IEC 17043:2010) must be sent to Qualitycheck by mail: support@qualitychecksrl.com.