Proficiency testing (PT): Pesticides in natural water
Proficiency testing (PT): Microbiological parameters in drinking water
Proficiency testing (PT): Physical-Chemical parameters in natural waters
Proficiency testing (PT): Physical-Chemical parameters in wastewater.

Qualitycheck Proficiency Testing, independent external evaluation of the analytical competence of testing laboratories.

Customize your participation, choosing the measurands in the matrix of your interest and the period in which you want to participate.

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Accreditation EN ISO/IEC 17043 New!

Qualitycheck Srls has obtained accreditation as Interlaboratory Proficiency Testing Provider in accordance with standard EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 "Conformity assessment - General requirements for interlaboratory proficiency testing" by the Italian Body for Accreditation (ACCREDIA).
Download the Accreditation Certificate EN ISO/IEC 17043.

Qualitycheck Proficiency Testing 2018

Proficiency testing Deadlines (2018)


In progress

Round September 2018: 24/Sep. - 05/Nov.

Deadline reporting results: 19/Oct.
Microbiological parameters: Drinking water
Physical Chemical parameters: Natural waters & Wastewater

Round October 2018: 08/Oct. - 19/Nov.

Deadline reporting results: 02/Nov.
Leaching test according to standard EN 12457-2
Metals: Natural waters & Wastewater
Metals: Sewage sludge & Contaminated soils

Round November 2018: 22/Oct. - 03/Dic.

Dispatch Samples: 22/Oct.
Hydrocarbon Oil Index according to standard ISO 9377-2
Pesticides natural waters
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in natural waters
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Natural waters
Next deadlines

Qualitycheck Proficiency Testing 2019


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